Firm's Overview

The Law Offices of Sunita Kapoor, PC is a full-service Immigration Firm in Houston representing commercial entities, employers, and individuals. Most of our Individual clients come from Houston, Sugarland and Katy, Texas. We serve company clients from different states in the United States and the World. Our team consists of an experienced Immigration Attorney, competent paralegals and other friendly staff.

We understand that the United States Immigration Process is quite lengthy and often stressful. Once you retain our office, our Immigration lawyer will ease this experience by sharing your worries. We dedicate to assist you at every step of the immigration process. We are available to answer all your questions and calls to take care of your legal needs.

Our office deals with all areas of US Immigration namely:

Deportation/Removal: Bond Hearing, Deportation/Removal Defense- Cancellation of Removal and much more
Employment based: Green Card Cases with the emphasis on PERM Labor Certification, I-140,
Family based: Immediate Relative Petition (Marriage to US Citizen), or Preference Petitions and K1/K3 Petition for Fiancee or spouse
Work Visas: H-1B, L-1, R-1, TN, H-2B, E-3
Investors Visa: E-2, EB-5
VAWA, Asylum, TPS and Citizenship

Citizenship (US History & Civics) Test Assistance Program

Law Offices of Sunita Kapoor, PC has started a program to assist the LPRs( Legal Permanent Residents) in learning US History and Civics to become US Citizens. This has been started to accommodate the need of the clients who either have limited English skills or due to their age factor are unable to learn US History & Civics on their own. This program is designed to ensure their success on the citizenship application. We offer weekend classes for such clients. We have Bilingual (Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Spanish) Instructors available. Please contact us for more details.