Recent Achievements

We are proud to announce the approval of a recent EB1 Extraordinary Ability Petition we filed for an Indian National. The applicant is a PHD and has done some exceptional work in his field. He had a good number of publications, citations of his work and references from the top people in the industry. Congratulations to the Client for his Golden Pass!!

Kudos to my team for their extraordinary work!!

As the readers are aware that for Indian Nationals, the wait time for receiving green card under EB 2 and EB 3 category is more than several years. If you think you have such strong credentials, please contact our office for a consultation and to evaluate your case for EB1 filing.

We recently handled many R-1 and I-360s with complex issues. Despite of negative inspection report by Fraud Detection Unit, got the R-1 cases approved!!

Another success story to share with our viewers. We are proud to announce that we make a difference in someone's life! This client contacted me as he knew about me thru his IT Consulting contacts. He works for a fortune 500 company as a consultant. His employment based immigrant application(Perm) was filed by his company and he received his permanent resident card. However, his wife received an RFE(Request for Evidence and USCIS requested proofs of her maintaining status since her entry. It was then, he found out that his wife did not have her H4 approval notice for almost 2 years(2008-2010) due to a mistake/error caused by someone in the legal department of the company. He consulted his current employer's law firm and previous company's law firm for whom he was working for the relevant period of time. As per my client's words, those "established law firms" gave options to my clients which were expensive and unreasonably burdensome such as sending his wife to India and file a waiver and consular processing which would have separated the family for months if not years. I suggested to file Nun Pro Tunc application for her H4 status with proper explanation and now thrilled to state that my argument was accepted and it has been approved!!!!

Yesterday was a happy day for us and our client! The waiver for her husband's case was approved in the appeal to the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO). It was well deserved! The client is a handicapped woman. She received Immigrant visa through a family petition. However, her husband was denied due to a previous attempt to enter US with the different name. The waiver was denied by the USCIS Office at Delhi Consulate. The appeal has been sustained after over a year! The effort and the hard work paid off! We congratulate our client for this success and for a happy moment for her to reunite with her husband.

We filed a waiver of unlawful presence for another client from Ghana on August 16, 2012 and we are glad to announce that the waiver was approved a little over a month on September 24, 2012

In June we were hired by a Pakistani client to work on his Indian wife’s waiver. His wife was found to be inadmissible on three grounds (Unlawful Presence INA section 212 (a)(9)(B)(i)(II), Fraud/Misrepresentation INA section 212 (a)(6)(C)(i) and INA section 212 (a)(9)(A) Inadmissibility). The standard for this waiver is that the refusal of the waiver will lead to Extreme Hardship to the citizen or lawful permanent resident spouse. The client had previously hired an attorney for the case and a Request for Evidence was issued on the waiver. When he hired us, we had nine (9) days to respond to the request for evidence. We are glad to announce that the waiver was granted on July 19, 2012 and the client’s wife is in the process of getting her Immigrant Visa to join him in the United States.

Proud to report that Asylum application of our client was granted in the Houston Immigration Court after a long merits hearing. The client is from an African country. He did not have any testimony from US. However we did a telephonic testimony of one of his relatives and the IJ approved the case. The client and his testimonies were found credible.

We filed a Motion to reopen for an F-1 denial and proud to announce that we were successful. The student's father had filed a change of status F-1 on his own and sent the RFE response to the wrong address. F-1 was denied due to the lack of response. Then the father filed a motion to reopen without fixing the problem or making any legal arguments. Again Motion was denied. We filed a new application for F-1 which was denied after making all the arguments and sending the proofs. It appeared to be very frustrating for a student who was probably out of status for over a year by then and the father who had been paying fee after fee. We suggested to file a motion to reopen again which finally worked. The student is back in status and will finally enjoy his studies to continue making his high grade.

I was contacted by a company in India in summer of 2011 as their L-1A was denied. They wanted my opinion to see whether the appeal should be filed. I looked at the file and noticed that the previous attorney had not done a good job presenting the case. I recommended to refile the L-1A than filing the appeal. We refiled with full supporting documentation and explaining the case properly. It was approved with no problems. Also, the consulate in India granted visa without any detailed questioning. We are glad for our client and applaud our team for this success!

Hyderabad Consulate reversed its previous decision in the second H-1B visa application. The first I-129 petition was sent to USCIS for revocation by the same consulate. We filed another petition addressing the issues raised by the consulate. The second petition was approved by USCIS and the visa was granted by the consulate.