I am an American citizen that fell in love with a man from India. He came here with every intention of going back to India. We met through a mutual friend & we then became friends and eventually fell in love. Vikas & I did not want to lose one another, we both felt we found our soul mate in each other! So, we looked into what steps would be required for him to be able to stay here in the US. This is where Sunita came in the picture. I knew that the two of us needed an attorney that had knowledge of immigration law. I researched on the internet for an immigration attorney & that is how I found her! The big plus for us was she was from India! It was a process to go through, but every step of the way Sunita was there for us. We also wanted to add that Sunita always responded to our calls and/or e-mails the same day whenever we had a question, or concern. These are the qualities of a good attorney!!!

What really made us happy was that she could clearly see the true & genuine love Vikas and I had for one another! In the end it all worked out!!! Thanks so much for all you did for us! Words alone will never be enough thanks!!! We will never forget you! We will be recommending you to others as well!

Vikas & Michelle Sharma.

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